Is It Too Late To Write About New Years? 

It was amazing! 

Amy,  one of my favourite ever people, had a new years eve party and her dad kindly let us stay two nights because public transport was not running on new years day.  

The first night was interesting to say the least. I puked lol. Buuutt it was early in the night so I was able to make a classy recovery while the squad headed to Mcdonalds.  I puked my guts up and napped.  #classy

 I don’t really remember much,  but I do remember being super annoyed no one brought me back any chicken nuggets. So, my friend and I went and got some. Boiii they were so good. Maybe they’re my hangover food?  I’m not complaining. 
The night went on as any typical new years would. We drank,  laughed and danced. I can honestly say that starting the new year with my two best friends,  Alex and Amy, was one of the greatest decisions.  They’re the type of friends that just get it, you know? We do nothing but laugh when we’re together.  I don’t know what I did in a previous life but I was probs Gandi or something great like that.  Honestly, I must have done something great to deserve Alex and Amy. 

Last lesson of 2016: 8 shots of vodka really does f**k you up. 
The next day was just as good. We ordered £60 worth of pizza. Bearing in mind the pizza cost like £5.99 each… Worth it though. 
Amy introduced us to this film called ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’. Let me just say,  I have a Law diploma. Amy,  I will take you to court for emotional trauma. That film was f**cked up. I loved it. We also made a short film. I say ‘we’ all I did was panic about my friend falling down the stairs, fetch people their vodka and cokes and the cameraman/producer/director/editor/all round lovely guy sat on me so he could get a good shot. 

By this time it was 4am so we decided it was best to go to bed. Now, the previous night I shared a bed with 3 other people; a talkative drunk, a fuckboy and an American. I woke up and was sweatier than a fat boys crock. I was not doing that again. So I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch and for a good 30 minutes my friend would stand outside the living room door trying to scare me after we watched that horror film. I was also a bit freaked out in the morning when I woke up because the door was open… I had closed it the night before… 

In the morning we watched Jackass. Safe to say I’m in love Bam Magera. But thats a story for another day. 

Annnywhhoo… That’s the blog.  I don’t know how to end these lil old things lol. 

Cheeky bit of self promo:

Instagram: @bbeckyyemma 


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