Omg is she really going to talk about this? 

Yes. Yes I am. 

It’s very obvious that the world is divided by this. Is it wrong or right? I know a lot of people who think that it should be made illegal believe that abortion is murder. Having a law diploma I have learnt the ins and outs of what murder is and how it’s defined in the legal system. I can of course only speak about the UK definition here, but murder is the unlawful killing of a person with an individual existence. This meaning that the person killed is not dependent on another human to stay alive. A fetus is dependent on another person and therefore not included in the definition. So, if abortion was to be made illegal on the simple fact that it’s murder the whole murder/manslaughter laws would have to be changed, and that’s something our parliament are not willing to do. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We all face difficulties and life changing experiences. Sadly, women do get raped, people are faced with poverty, contraceptive tablets are not legal everywhere and couples under 16 are having underage sex. We have to think about everyones situation and think “is it fair to raise a child in a world where the parents cannot afford to provide warm clothes or the parent was traumatised when the child was conceived?”. 

I have also heard people say “I cannot have kids so this women shouldn’t be able to give hers up! She doesn’t know how lucky she is!”.  I completely understand this statement. I understand it on a personal level. 3 of my siblings died in the womb because it was a difficult pregnancy for my step-mum. However, I do think saying this is a bit like saying “I can’t use my legs so we should have escalators and elevators everywhere not stairs”. 

There are options put in place for those women that can’t have children. They can adopt,  use a sperm doner or a surrogate. If we have options in place for women who want children we should also have options there for women who don’t want children or are not ready. 

This is 100% my personal opinion. I think we shouldn’t judge something until we are in the situation ourselves. 

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