What a beautiful thing. 

I will never understand why theatre kids are seen as geeks or nerds because to me those are the kids that are the most kind and funniest people you will ever meet. 

There is no other feeling in the world like being on stage. The amount of energy, pride and happiness you feel is crraaaazzyy. The energy the audience gives through laughter,  tears and applause persuades you to give more energy back. Also, the sense of achievement when you are finished is the best. For the past few months you have been working on this performance 9am to 9pm and seeing all that hard work pay off is incredible. 

I’ve always thought that theatre was so much more than what you see on a stage. It’s what you take away from it. If you don’t like the show and feel like the storyline should have took a different root.  Great. Go write that story. If you disagree with the costumes; go design them. Theatre offers so many opportunities and I feel so lucky to live in a place that sees theatre as an educational opportunity rather than a luxury that shouldnt be practised in school.

 I discovered who I was and wanted to be because of theatre. 

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