The Women’s March 💪 

Yessssss. This was so freaking important.  

It was important because it showed us that over 2.5 million people were standing up fighting for their/our rights.

It is officially the the biggest inaugural protest in history! 

People are going to learn about this protest in years to come and will be so thankful and amazed at how brave the lovely jubillee people who attended were. 

All I have to say is: A vagina brought you into this world. How dare you disrespect it. Womens rights are human rights. 

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10 Things To Do While Donald Fart Is President. 

1) Never refer to him as ‘The Donald’ like others have. That gives his name power that he doesn’t deserve. 

2) Never refer to him as President Donald Trump. That’s degrading the term ‘president’.  President describes an amazing person who cares for everyone and loves their country. Donald Fart doesn’t love his country,  but the power his country has. 

3) Never let him forget that in some palces “Trump” means fart. 

4) Do not be ashamed of who you are. Whether that be gay, transgender, black, mexican or a women. Do not be ashamed. That would mean he’s winning. Prove him wrong. Prove that all the hate he gave out to win his campaign is a big fat lie. 

5) In 2020 make sure everyone you know that is legal to do so is voting and make sure they have more than enough reasons to not vote for Donald Fart. 

6) Be kind to everyone. You don’t understand the fear people are know feeling walking down the street. 

7) Stand up and make yourself heard. If you’re being discriminated and that discrimination is backed up with Donald Fart being president stand up for your mother fucking self because you are just as good as a white male that Donald Fart seems superior. Donald Fart supporters need proof of this. You can be that proof. 

8) Help others. Show that little bitch Donald that he can not divide America. It’s too strong to be effected by a shrimp dick reality star. 

9)  Make fun of him and mock him to no end like he has done others. 

10) Remind him that he shares a name with a duck.

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What a beautiful thing. 

I will never understand why theatre kids are seen as geeks or nerds because to me those are the kids that are the most kind and funniest people you will ever meet. 

There is no other feeling in the world like being on stage. The amount of energy, pride and happiness you feel is crraaaazzyy. The energy the audience gives through laughter,  tears and applause persuades you to give more energy back. Also, the sense of achievement when you are finished is the best. For the past few months you have been working on this performance 9am to 9pm and seeing all that hard work pay off is incredible. 

I’ve always thought that theatre was so much more than what you see on a stage. It’s what you take away from it. If you don’t like the show and feel like the storyline should have took a different root.  Great. Go write that story. If you disagree with the costumes; go design them. Theatre offers so many opportunities and I feel so lucky to live in a place that sees theatre as an educational opportunity rather than a luxury that shouldnt be practised in school.

 I discovered who I was and wanted to be because of theatre. 

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Omg is she really going to talk about this? 

Yes. Yes I am. 

It’s very obvious that the world is divided by this. Is it wrong or right? I know a lot of people who think that it should be made illegal believe that abortion is murder. Having a law diploma I have learnt the ins and outs of what murder is and how it’s defined in the legal system. I can of course only speak about the UK definition here, but murder is the unlawful killing of a person with an individual existence. This meaning that the person killed is not dependent on another human to stay alive. A fetus is dependent on another person and therefore not included in the definition. So, if abortion was to be made illegal on the simple fact that it’s murder the whole murder/manslaughter laws would have to be changed, and that’s something our parliament are not willing to do. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We all face difficulties and life changing experiences. Sadly, women do get raped, people are faced with poverty, contraceptive tablets are not legal everywhere and couples under 16 are having underage sex. We have to think about everyones situation and think “is it fair to raise a child in a world where the parents cannot afford to provide warm clothes or the parent was traumatised when the child was conceived?”. 

I have also heard people say “I cannot have kids so this women shouldn’t be able to give hers up! She doesn’t know how lucky she is!”.  I completely understand this statement. I understand it on a personal level. 3 of my siblings died in the womb because it was a difficult pregnancy for my step-mum. However, I do think saying this is a bit like saying “I can’t use my legs so we should have escalators and elevators everywhere not stairs”. 

There are options put in place for those women that can’t have children. They can adopt,  use a sperm doner or a surrogate. If we have options in place for women who want children we should also have options there for women who don’t want children or are not ready. 

This is 100% my personal opinion. I think we shouldn’t judge something until we are in the situation ourselves. 

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This Is What A Feminist Looks Like. 

Anyone who wants the world to live happily.There it is. Boom.If you know someone who wants the world to live happily, Bobs your uncle Fannys your aunt you’ve found yourself a feminist.  

I think theres a lot of confusion around the word ‘feminist’. People assume that because it sounds like ‘female’ that it’s purely about fighting for womens rights. That, my friends, is a Womens Rights Activist. Feminists do of course fight for womens rights,  but we also fight for male rights and gay rights and transgender rights and equal human rights for everyone. We passionately fight for a world where we can all live and get the best out of our life without limitations from our government because they thought one aspect of us (which we cannot change)  was not up to their “standards”. Fuck their standards

25 Reasons I’m A Feminist:

1) Love is one of the most beautiful things on this earth and I, nor anyone else,  should ever be able to tell someone that they are undeserving of it because it doesn’t fit my personal expectations of love. 

2) The parliament who create the laws on what I can do with my own female body is 71% male.

3) Ethnic minority graduates in Britain are much less likely to be employed than their white peers six months after graduation and many can expect to earn less for years after.

4) 1/3 of girls in the developing world are married before the age of 18 and 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15. 

5) 75% of people living in Bangladesh, Mali and Mozambique are earning only £1.63 per day. 

6) Womens bodies are sexualised and glorified on national TV for businesses to sell products,  but as soon as that same women wears something “provocative” for her own comfort and confidence shes a “whore” “slag” or “asking for it“. 

7) 77% of leading anti-abortion campaigners are men. 100% of those men can easily opt out of pregnancy by simply getting up and leaving and they are defended by people saying “they were not ready”. 

8) If a man opens up about his feelings he’s seen as weak. 

9) More than 90% of rapists dont go to jail.  

10) Because there is parts of the world where people, male and female, are punished for being sexually abused. 

11) Men who open about being sexually abused get reactions such as “can a boy even be raped” “youre a boy. Why didnt you enjoy it“. 

12) 1 out of 6 women will experience sexual abuse, rape or an attempt of the previous two. 

13) People are more likely to help a wealthy looking child than a homeless child. 

14) The whole Muslim community is blamed for Isis,  but the whole Christian/Catholic/white community are not blamed for the KKK. 

15) There is no law put in place to protect legal immigrants from verbal and physical abuse. 

16) Law that has been put in place concerning immigrants is refered to by MPs as “controlling them“. 

17) 16 year olds are not allowed to vote in a country they are constantly told they are the future of. 

18) Tampons and sanitary towels are seen as a luxury and are taxed. 

19) men are expected to be strong and when they are not they are laughed at. 

20) Instead of creating laws against sexual preditors laws are made against transgender people using their prefered public restroom incase they are sexual preditors. 

21) Make up is seen as a womens product. 

22) Because a judge and jury decide if a women was raped or not.

23) Black Lives Matter. 

24) Black People are more likely to be arrested than white people.

25) everyone deserves a shot at happiness.  

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Is It Too Late To Write About New Years? 

It was amazing! 

Amy,  one of my favourite ever people, had a new years eve party and her dad kindly let us stay two nights because public transport was not running on new years day.  

The first night was interesting to say the least. I puked lol. Buuutt it was early in the night so I was able to make a classy recovery while the squad headed to Mcdonalds.  I puked my guts up and napped.  #classy

 I don’t really remember much,  but I do remember being super annoyed no one brought me back any chicken nuggets. So, my friend and I went and got some. Boiii they were so good. Maybe they’re my hangover food?  I’m not complaining. 
The night went on as any typical new years would. We drank,  laughed and danced. I can honestly say that starting the new year with my two best friends,  Alex and Amy, was one of the greatest decisions.  They’re the type of friends that just get it, you know? We do nothing but laugh when we’re together.  I don’t know what I did in a previous life but I was probs Gandi or something great like that.  Honestly, I must have done something great to deserve Alex and Amy. 

Last lesson of 2016: 8 shots of vodka really does f**k you up. 
The next day was just as good. We ordered £60 worth of pizza. Bearing in mind the pizza cost like £5.99 each… Worth it though. 
Amy introduced us to this film called ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’. Let me just say,  I have a Law diploma. Amy,  I will take you to court for emotional trauma. That film was f**cked up. I loved it. We also made a short film. I say ‘we’ all I did was panic about my friend falling down the stairs, fetch people their vodka and cokes and the cameraman/producer/director/editor/all round lovely guy sat on me so he could get a good shot. 

By this time it was 4am so we decided it was best to go to bed. Now, the previous night I shared a bed with 3 other people; a talkative drunk, a fuckboy and an American. I woke up and was sweatier than a fat boys crock. I was not doing that again. So I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch and for a good 30 minutes my friend would stand outside the living room door trying to scare me after we watched that horror film. I was also a bit freaked out in the morning when I woke up because the door was open… I had closed it the night before… 

In the morning we watched Jackass. Safe to say I’m in love Bam Magera. But thats a story for another day. 

Annnywhhoo… That’s the blog.  I don’t know how to end these lil old things lol. 

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