10 Things To Do While Donald Fart Is President. 

1) Never refer to him as ‘The Donald’ like others have. That gives his name power that he doesn’t deserve. 

2) Never refer to him as President Donald Trump. That’s degrading the term ‘president’.  President describes an amazing person who cares for everyone and loves their country. Donald Fart doesn’t love his country,  but the power his country has. 

3) Never let him forget that in some palces “Trump” means fart. 

4) Do not be ashamed of who you are. Whether that be gay, transgender, black, mexican or a women. Do not be ashamed. That would mean he’s winning. Prove him wrong. Prove that all the hate he gave out to win his campaign is a big fat lie. 

5) In 2020 make sure everyone you know that is legal to do so is voting and make sure they have more than enough reasons to not vote for Donald Fart. 

6) Be kind to everyone. You don’t understand the fear people are know feeling walking down the street. 

7) Stand up and make yourself heard. If you’re being discriminated and that discrimination is backed up with Donald Fart being president stand up for your mother fucking self because you are just as good as a white male that Donald Fart seems superior. Donald Fart supporters need proof of this. You can be that proof. 

8) Help others. Show that little bitch Donald that he can not divide America. It’s too strong to be effected by a shrimp dick reality star. 

9)  Make fun of him and mock him to no end like he has done others. 

10) Remind him that he shares a name with a duck.

Instagram: @bbeckyyemma